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Truly it is a great blessing to be a part of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish here in Snoqualmie Valley. I am happy with my pastoral ministry and fortunate that I am surrounded with friendly and devoted parishioners. Last June, I completed the first term of my ministry here and in spite of the usual pastoral challenges, I would say that - in this place, I have peace of mind and heart!

Recently, I received a letter from Archbishop P. Sartain and he has assigned me for a second term as your priest administrator. I am grateful to God for this opportunity so as for me to serve him more by serving you. I am grateful to the Archbishop and I am grateful to be here.

Last year, some families moved out of the area and now we are welcoming new families so the parish is growing for the first time in 4-5 years. I feel happy to welcome them.

For the past few years we were affected by the global economic and unemployment crisis. Thus, we were affected financially in so many ways. But at this time, though some are still struggling with unemployment, many people got jobs. Just as we pray for spiritual blessings and strive to be grow spiritually, let us continue to pray for our material needs as we also pray for economic, employment, and financial progress in our land.

Yes, in spite of the challenges mentioned above there are also corresponding blessings that would come our way especially as a church. Indeed, God is a loving and gracious God! Thanks be to God! Likewise, I would like again to express my gratitude to all of you for your generosity! By your donations our ordinary income is more stable thus this helps us to function as a parish.

Investing in our future, our parish hired a new youth minister so as to form the hearts and minds of the young members of our parish that they may grow in faith and love for the church. This was made possible again because of your support and this means to say that with your support, there will be strong church programs.

As your priest administrator, I acknowledge and appreciate all your generosity of time, talent and treasure that you wholeheartedly give to our parish! May the Good Lord shower upon you and your families the graces that you need, amen!

In Christ through Our Lady of Sorrows,

Fr. Roman Roy C. Baroma, Jr.

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